A bit of history...

Vivian Arab is a passionate ... for her culture of origin and her Rio de Janeiro. In 1996, he decided to unite these two charms in a single experience: Gastronomy!
Today, it is part of the culinary route of Rio de Janeiro.

Arab was born to be a modern delicatessen. Not fitting in itself, it became a Restaurant in Copacabana, and in the pioneer kiosk of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

Vivian has several stories to tell in these
20 years of many encounters and good times.




Arab Dance, Live, on the best known beach in the World!

At lunch, a pound-top buffet with 106 dishes, as the tradition
Of the legitimate Arab table.

In the evening, the cuisine is served a la carte with a varied menu
Traditional dishes and copyright. We serve lamb, meats, fish, kebbabs,
Mehches (mezes) and mezzés, which are dishes to be shared in groups, as well as dishes from the Judaica, Syrian-Lebanese and Moroccan cuisines.

For dessert, many are the options! The sweets are made in the house, as are the pastries and all kind of pasta. The Arabian bread has a special homemade recipe, of artisan preparation and without sugar, is made on the hour and arrives steaming to the table.



Arabian Nigths

21: 00 h


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Av. Atrântica, 1936 - Copacabana

Restaurante Arab

Rio de Janeiro

contact here!

(21) 2235-6698



Arab kiosk awaits you!

We have the perfect option for you to enjoy the late afternoon at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas!

Some days, Live music!

Rodrigo de Freitas awaits your event!

Are you planning on having a party or promoting a corporate event?
Arab Kiosk can help! Located on the banks of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, we have the necessary buffet structure to receive up to its 270 guests.
The traditional and artisan menu, the view of one of the most beautiful postcards of the city and the personal service, makes your celebration even more special!
Delight in our atmosphere!

      Contact us to find out how to rent the space or
           Order Salgados and Sweets for the party in your house!


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Avenida Borges de Medeiros, s/nº
Quiosque 7 - Lagoa R. de Freitas

Quiosque Arab

Rio de Janeiro

contact here!

(21) 2540-0747